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Wä einmol Kölle sing Heimat nennt Klüngelköpp 04:26
Stääne Klüngelköpp 04:57
Stääne Querbeat, Klüngelköpp 04:37
Niemols ohne Alaaf Klüngelköpp 04:52
Jedäuf met 4711 Klüngelköpp 04:02
1000 Näächte Klüngelköpp 03:53
Us kölschem Holz Klüngelköpp 03:41
Wo die Stääne sin Klüngelköpp 03:51
Niemols ohne Alaaf Klüngelköpp 03:56
Loreley Klüngelköpp 03:55

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The Cologne band Klüngelköpp was founded in 2003 by Jochen Damm, Uwe Modler, Robert Kowalak, Mike Siegmund and Frank Binninger. It is one of the best-known Cologne bands and has already won three times in the TOP JECK carnival hit parade. Klüngelköpp has also won the Närrischer Oscar audience award twice. The music group performs more than 250 times during the carnival season and also gives around 150 concerts every year. The band is regularly invited to appear on various television and radio programs. their first song "Lach doch ens et weedWidder wedde" was released in 2004. This was followed in the same year by the singles "Altbier" and "Ejal, Ejal". Two years later, the singles "Du kannst mich mal", "Engel" and "Ratz Fatz" were released. Klüngelköpp released their debut album Us Kölschem Holz in 2014. The group's most popular songs include "Bella Ciao" (2017), "Stääne" (2010) and "1000 Nächte" (2018). the single "Mir sin Kölsche" was released in 2020.