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Thekenmädchen Versengold 03:38
Lichterloh Versengold 03:37
Winterflut 1717 Versengold 04:19
Durch den Sturm Versengold 03:42
Kobold im Kopp Versengold 03:47
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Sally O'Brien Versengold 03:55
De rode Gerd Versengold 03:29
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Mach noch 'ne Runde Versengold 02:22

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Durch den Sturm
De rode Gerd

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Founded by Carolin Fährmann and Malte Hoyer near Bremen in 2003, Versengold was joined shortly afterwards by Jan Schröder on percussion and Arndt Rathjen on violin. The quartet, whose members all have a proven passion for the Middle Ages, released their debut album Hoerensagen in 2005. Musically oriented towards rock and Celtic folklore, Versengold prove to be extremely variable between swaying hymns, ballads and instrumental pieces. After the release of the second album Allgebraeu (2006), there are various changes in the line-up of the medieval fans. Ketzerey was released in 2008 with a new line-up. With Daniel Gregory as the new guitarist and Florian Janoske, who plays violin and mandolin, Versengold present the EP Dreck am Stecken in 2011. Im Namen des Folkes is released in 2013. With Sean Lang as drummer and bassist Eike Otten, Versengold expanded into a quintet in 2015. The album Zeitlos , released in the same year, achieves a commercial breakthrough in Germany, reaching number 22. A triumph that is topped in 2017 by Funkenflug and number 2 in the German album charts. Nordlicht is released in 2019. The album reaches number 4 in the German charts. With Was kost die Welt, Versengold present their eighth studio album in 2022. Another album, Lautes Gedenken, follows in fall 2023. Versengold once again achieves a top ranking in Germany with number 2.