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Nereden Bileceksiniz Ahmet Kaya 06:00
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Herkes Kendi İşine Ahmet Kaya 02:33
Şafak Türküsü Ahmet Kaya 06:54

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Ahmet Kaya wasn't just a folksinger; he was an activist, too, renowned for his protest songs that rallied for social justice. He was born to a Turkish-Kurdish family on October 28, 1957, in Malatya, Turkey. Kurdish culture was forcibly repressed by the Turkish government throughout Kaya's life, and he spent much of his career advocating for Kurdish rights. After briefly playing in Turkish singer Ferdi Tayfur's band, Kaya and released his first solo album, Ağlama Bebeğim, in 1985. A collection of protest songs, Ağlama Bebeğim featured lyrics for Turkish-Kurdish poet Ahmed Arif on several songs, which resulted in the album being censored. This only heightened the public's interest in Ahmet Kaya, who released albums like Acılara Tutunmak (1985) and An Gelir (1986) before reaching a commercial peak with 1994's Şarkılarım Dağlara, which sold more than two million copies. Many of Şarkılarım Dağlara's songs focused on the bloody conflict between the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Turkish army, which made Kaya a controversial figure in Turkey. This controversy reaching a boiling point in February 1999, when Ahmet appeared on Turkish television to accept an award for "Musician of the Year." During his acceptance speech, he announced that he wished to perform songs in Kurdish, which drew jeers from the crowd and resulted in a legal case that drove him into exile. He resettled in France, where suffered a fatal heart attack at 43 years old on November 16, 2000. Several albums of his material, including 2001's Hoşçakalın Gözüm, were released posthumously. Decades after his death, his songs continued to resonate throughout Turkey, with "Duydum Ki Bensiz Yarali Gibisin" reaching Number 75 on the country's Top 100 YouTube Music chart in 2023.