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Sleeper In Metropolis Anne Clark 04:06
Poem For A Nuclear Romance Anne Clark 02:51
The Stolen Child Anne Clark, Ulla van Daelen, Justin Ciuche 08:01
Our Darkness Anne Clark 05:24
Wallies Anne Clark 04:12
Blown Way Down Anne Clark, Ulla van Daelen, Justin Ciuche 02:57
Border Train Anne Clark, Ulla van Daelen, Justin Ciuche 05:08
It's a Fragile Thing Anne Clark, Ulla van Daelen, Justin Ciuche 04:26
The Key Anne Clark 02:54
Soulthought Anne Clark, Ulla van Daelen, Justin Ciuche 08:16

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The Sitting Room
Short Story
All We Have To Be Thankful For
Echoes Remain Forever

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Poet and musician Anne Clark specialises in setting the spoken word to music, experimenting in electronic sounds. She has had a prolific output of singles and albums spanning a period of 40 years, with socially engaging and literary lyrics over synthesized sounds. She left school at the age of 16 and began working at Bonaparte Records, an independent music shop with its own record label. The beginnings of punk and new wave had a huge influence on her at the time and she began writing her own tracks and appearing in London clubs, making her live debut at Cabaret Futura in London.

She released her first album 'The Sitting Room' in 1982 and then began working with David Harrow with whom she has co-written much of her work. Their first album together was 'Changing Places' in 1983. In 1984, Clark released 'Joined Up Writing', containing the track 'Our Darkness' (1984) which has gone on to be remixed several times. In 1985 she released the album 'Pressure Points' in collaboration with Ultravox's John Foxx, who plays on the first five tracks of the album. The single 'Heaven' from this album was a hit across Europe, especially in Germany where Clark has performed several tours and where she has a cult following.

In 1987, Clark moved to Norway and began working with Tov Ramstad and Ida Baalsrud. Her album 'Hopeless Cases' was released in 1987 followed by live album 'R.S.V.P.' in 1988 recorded at the Music Centrum in Utrecht, Holland. She released 'Unstill Life' in 1991 in collaboration with classically trained pianist Charlie Morgan, who sadly died shortly afterwards at the age of 36, preventing any future collaborations. Clark turned to Tov Ramstad, Paul Downing and Martyn Bates to collaborate with her on her next album release 'The Law Is an Anagram of Wealth' in 1993. In 1994, she experimented with an acoustic album 'Psychometry' which was recorded live in Berlin. In 1995 she released 'To Love and Be Loved' and in 1997 'Wordprocessing: The Remix Project'. In 1998, Clark collaborated with Martyn Bates once again in a collection of the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke entitled 'Just After Sunset'. This explored the influences of classical and folk music. Another acoustic live album followed in 'From the Heart' in 2003, which was recorded in Bratislava. 2004 saw the release of 'Notes Taken, Traces Left' and in 2008 'The Smallest Act of Kindness'. Between these albums, Clark engaged in collaborative work with Belgian band Imprint, recording vocals on their album 'Self Inflicted' (2005), and their EPs 'Too Many Puppies' (2005) and 'Fade Away' (2006). Her next album release was in 2019 with 'Homage (The Silence Inside)' in collaboration with Thomas Rückoldt.