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Batwanes Beek Warda 13:24
Haramt Ahebak Warda 07:56
Ehna Ely Eilom Alina Warda 08:18
Kharetet Masr Warda 04:48
Fe Yom We Layla Live Warda 57:21
Nar El Ghera Warda 06:27
Ya Nakhletain Warda 10:57
Roahy We Roahy Warda 05:34
Badob Fe El Hawa Warda 14:00
Bokra Ya Habeby Warda 08:44

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Haramt Ahebak

- Warda

2441 takipçi

Haramt Ahebak
Ana Arfa
Ehna Ely Eilom Alina
Ya Leil

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Warda Al-Jazairia, who died aged 73 in 2012, was a singer of Algerian heritage who was born in France and gained fame across the Middle East and North Africa after she moved to Egypt and performed with major Arab musicians. She married Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi and recorded many of his songs as well as songs by Riad Al Soumbati. She was especially known for singing patriotic Algerian songs that challenged imperialism. She made many recordings from 'Batwanness Beek' in 1986 to 'The Diva of Arabian Nights' in 2009 and was one of the most accomplished performers in the Arab world. She retired from music in the 1960s but returned professionally a decade later. She died following cardiac arrest in Cairo.