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Trudnyy Vozrast

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Trudnyy Vozrast
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MakSim (real name Marina Abrosimova) is a Russian singer-songwriter born in Kazan on June 10, 1983. She expressed her interest in music from the early years and started to write her own songs being a teenager. In 2003, MakSim, together with the members of the Pro-Z band who were also from Kazan, recorded her song "Трудный возраст" (A Difficult Age). The song did not receive much radio rotation, unlike her next single, "Сантиметры дыханья " (The Centimeters of Breathing), that reached radio charts of Eastern Europe. Trying to promote her music, MakSim moved to Moscow where she succeeded to sign a deal with Gala Records, re-released her track "Трудный возраст" and recorded an album of the same name in 2005. The next year, the single "Отпускаю" (Letting You Go) became her first number-one hit and won her nationwide fame. The following track "Знаешь ли ты" (Do You Know) was just as successful. On the wave of popularity, MakSim released her second album Мой рай (My Paradise) in 2007. The same year, she was named the Best Female Singer by the MTV Russian Music Awards. MakSims’ career started to decline in 2010, with the release of the single "Дождь" (Rain) from her upcoming album Другая реальность (Another Reality), the first track to not top the charts. Some events in her private life and contract termination with her label in 2013 didn’t help to bring her fame back either. In 2018, MakSim released her sixth album Полигамность (Polygamy), and in 2020, she came back with the single "Спасибо" (Thank You). A distinctive feature of MakSim’s music is the deeply biographical and intimate lyrics.