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Forever and One (Neverland) Helloween 03:54
I Want Out Helloween 04:40
Dr. Stein Helloween 05:03
If I Could Fly Helloween 04:09
Future World Helloween 04:03
Skyfall Helloween 12:11
Power Helloween 03:28
A Tale That Wasn't Right Helloween 04:43
You Always Walk Alone Helloween 05:10
Fear Of The Fallen Helloween 05:38

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Best Time

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One of the loudest, fiercest
European metal acts of the 1980s, Helloween's breakneck shredding and
thunderous riffs helped define the sub-genre of power metal and won the
adoration of hard rock fans across the world. Formed in Hamburg, Germany in
1984, the band took inspiration from Judas Priest and Black Sabbath and created
a bombastic sound based on Michael Weikath's blistering guitar playing and
Michael Kiske's high-pitched, melodic voice. Early albums Keeper of the
Seven Keys, Part 1
(1987) and Part 2 (1988) won support from MTV and
took the group from a cult audience in their home country to world tours,
support slots for Anthrax and Iron Maiden and a triumphant performance at the
UK's Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington. They were signed up by
major label EMI, but the departure of guitarist Kai Hansen, a lengthy legal
battle with their former record company and the suicide of drummer Ingo
Schwichtenberg halted their progress. When Kiske was replaced as front man by
Andi Deros, the band returned to form for the acclaimed The Time of Oath
(1996), Better Than Raw (1998) and The Dark Ride (2000). The band
underwent numerous line-up changes but starting with 2005’s Keeper fo the
Seven Keys: The Legacy
, the band kept the same quintet for over a decade
and that line-up would record hit albums like 2007’s Gambling with the Devil,
and the a pair of top 10 albums, 2013’s Straight Out of Hell and 2015’s My
God-Given Right
. Thirty-five years after their first LP, the band continued into 2021 with the single “Skyfall’.