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Dans les yeux d'Emilie Collectif Métissé 02:54
Laisse tomber tes problèmes Collectif Métissé 03:16
Dans les yeux d'Émilie Collectif Métissé 03:28
¡ Viva la fiesta ! Collectif Métissé 02:35
C'est la vie Collectif Métissé 03:46
Balada Collectif Métissé 03:13
Joyeux anniversaire Collectif Métissé 02:24
Femme libérée Collectif Métissé 03:37
Sexy Lady Collectif Métissé 03:20
Fiesta Latina Collectif Métissé 02:51

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A champion of "summer hits", Collectif Métissé defends an Afro and dancehall-oriented musical project with its first hit, "Laisse-toi aller bébé", and a video set against a vacation club backdrop. Ranked No. 1 in clubs before dominating the best-selling singles chart, it inaugurates a long series that includes 2010's No. 1 "Debout pour danser " and the album L'Esprit de la Fête. In 2011, "L'Été toute l'année " tops the charts as a prelude to Destination Soleil . Although they subsequently lost ground slightly, Collectif Métissé made up for it at the end of 2012 with the album Ya Plus K Danser, then in 2014 with Destination Fiesta. Without changing their formula, in 2015 the troupe signed the album Rendez-Vous au Soleil and the title track of the same name. The following year saw the release of their seventh album, Destination Été, featuring the title track "Ohé ohé", and in 2017, Fan des Années 80 revived the heyday of the Top 50. After celebrating a successful anniversary with the album Décennie in 2019, Collectif Métissé takes a Latino turn with Collectif Fiesta Party (2020), Danza Latino (2021), Fiesta Latina (2022) and ¡Viva la Fiesta! (2023). In 2024, for its annual album, the festive group covers French chanson hits such as "Aline", "Dans les yeux d'Émilie" and "L'Été s'ra chaud", alongside the Italian classic "Volare ", in a seventeen-track Mega Fiesta.