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Live And Let Die Paul McCartney, Wings 03:14
Let Me Roll It Paul McCartney, Wings 04:49
Silly Love Songs Paul McCartney, Wings 05:54
Band On The Run Paul McCartney, Wings 05:11
Blackpool Paul McCartney, Wings 01:43
C Moon/Little Woman Love Paul McCartney, Wings 03:20
Blackbird Paul McCartney, Wings 02:27
Country Dreamer Paul McCartney, Wings 02:17
Goodnight Tonight Wings 04:22
Let 'Em In Paul McCartney, Wings 05:12

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Cover of playlist Home Office Home Office 80 şarkı - 147 384 takipçi
Cover of playlist Rock & Chill Rock & Chill 100 şarkı - 367 184 takipçi
Cover of playlist Mellow Days Mellow Days 70 şarkı - 86 555 takipçi
Cover of playlist 70s Rock 70s Rock 50 şarkı - 246 596 takipçi
Cover of playlist Feel Good Rock Feel Good Rock 80 şarkı - 107 908 takipçi
Cover of playlist Top Hits 1974 Top Hits 1974 50 şarkı - 2 022 takipçi
Cover of playlist 70s Hits 70s Hits 50 şarkı - 115 687 takipçi
Cover of playlist 70s Happy Hits 70s Happy Hits 50 şarkı - 41 143 takipçi
Cover of playlist memory lane memory lane 50 şarkı - 62 309 takipçi
Cover of playlist James Bond Classics James Bond Classics 33 şarkı - 25 703 takipçi
Cover of playlist Top Hits 1973 Top Hits 1973 50 şarkı - 3 713 takipçi
Cover of playlist Top Hits 1979 Top Hits 1979 50 şarkı - 3 416 takipçi
Cover of playlist Rock Icons Now Rock Icons Now 104 şarkı - 197 252 takipçi
Cover of playlist Top Hits 1976 Top Hits 1976 50 şarkı - 2 205 takipçi
Cover of playlist Romantic evening Romantic evening 60 şarkı - 237 548 takipçi

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Wings was formed in 1971 by Paul McCartney as a means of getting back on the road with a working band after the slow, bitter split of The Beatles. Formed after the recording of his 1971 album Ram, the band, who would more commonly be referred to as Paul McCartney & Wings, was comprised of Paul on bass and vocals, his wife Linda on keyboards and backing vocals, Denny Laine on guitar and vocals, and Denny Seiwell on drums. The quartet released their debut album, Wild Life, to scathing reviews from critics. Their next three non-album singles – 1972’s “Give Ireland Back to the Irish,” “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” and “Hi Hi Hi” – were more successful but did not achieve the expected success of a former member of The Beatles. However, after the addition of lead guitarist Henry McCullough, the group bounced back with the May 1973 release of Red Rose Speedway, which included the international hit single “My Love.” Wings followed that success with the now-classic James Bond theme “Live and Let Die,” which was another worldwide hit. Seiwell and McCullough left the band before they went into record their next album, so Band on the Run (December 1973) featured both McCartneys and Laine playing most of the instruments. The album was an enormous success and hit the top of the charts in the UK, the US, Canada, Norway, and Australia while landing in the Top 20 in Germany, Italy, and Japan. McCartney recruited two new band members – drummer Joe English and lead guitarist Jimmy McCulloch – for the recording of their next album, Venus and Mars, which was also an international success. The same line-up recorded the hit album Wings at the Speed of Sound (1976) and the triple vinyl LP live release Wings Over America (1976). As the group prepared for the recording of their next album, English and McCulloch left Wings and the core trio of Paul, Linda, and Denny Laine recorded the album London Town (1978), which was not as successful as their previous releases. Along with new guitarist Lawrence Juber and drummer Steve Holley, Wings released Back to the Egg (1979), which was their most exciting and energetic album since Band on the Run. However, the album was not a critical or commercial success and, after Paul McCartney was busted for marijuana possession in Japan in January 1980 and the murder of John Lennon at the end of the same year, Wings split up. Guitarist Jimmy McCulloch died of a drug overdose on September 25, 1979. Linda McCartney died from breast cancer on April 17, 1998. Guitarist Henry McCullough died on June 14, 2016. Denny Laine died on December 5, 2023. In 2024, the previously unreleased album One Hand Clapping was issued and credited to Paul McCartney & Wings. The recordings came from a live-in-the-studio session that had originally been taped in 1974 for a documentary that was later scrapped. During these sessions, the band ran through Wings hits and album tracks, surprising cover versions, and even a few Beatles classics.