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Noche de Ronda Chavela Vargas 03:13
Nosotros (feat. Joaquín Sabina) Chavela Vargas, Joaquín Sabina 04:08
Paloma Negra Chavela Vargas 03:15
La Llorona Chavela Vargas 05:10
Luz de luna Chavela Vargas 03:28
Si no te vas Chavela Vargas 04:15
La Llorona Chavela Vargas 05:25
Fallaste corazón Chavela Vargas 04:22
Arrieros somos Chavela Vargas 03:17
El preso número nueve Chavela Vargas 04:51

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La llorona
Piensa en mí
En el último trago

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Chavela Vargas, born Isabel Vargas
Lizano on April 17, 1919 in San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica, became one of
the most famous singers in the history of Latin American music. Seeking a
career in music, she left Costa Rica when she was a teenager and relocated to
Mexico, a country with a bigger entertainment industry. She was a street
performer for over a decade, not becoming a professional performer until she
was in her thirties. Her signature stage wear earned her the nickname The Lady
in the Red Poncho. She became known throughout the Spanish-speaking world for
her interpretations of ranchera, a musical style that was typically sung by
men. She created a signature sound by slowing down the tempos of the songs and
bringing drama and humor to the lyrics. Her performances throughout the 40s and
50s grew her reputation internationally, and she hobnobbed with celebrated figures
such as Diego Rivera, Juan Ralfo, and Frida Kahlo. She released her first
album, Noche de Bohemia, in 1961, and went on to record over 80 albums. A
worldwide superstar until alcoholism forced her into retirement in the mid-1970s,
she reemerged in the 90s with albums like 1998’s Chavela Vargas and 2004’s
La Llorona and resumed her beloved status. She passed away on August 5,
2012 in Cuenavaca, Mexico.