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Down Again Chimaira 04:20
Implements of Destruction Chimaira 13:30
Pray for All Chimaira 05:52
Sp Lit Chimaira 03:12
Dead Inside Chimaira 03:45
Inside the Horror Chimaira 05:28
Lazarus Chimaira 07:36
Save Ourselves Chimaira 05:08
Resurrection Chimaira 04:37
Clockwork Chimaira 03:43

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The Impossibility of Reason
Pictures in the Gold Room
Power Trip


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Since 1998, Chimaira has offered a veritable compendium of the major trends in metal. From heavy to metalcore, from death to trash, without neglecting the industrial. The band's progress has been steady since 2001's seminal Pass out of Existence. The Impossibility of Reason (2003) and Chimaira (2005) attest to Chimaira's growing power. Resurrection (2007) and especially The Infection (2009) put Chimaira at the forefront of the American metal scene. Coming Alive in July 2010 is the obligatory live testimony that every fan has been waiting for.