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Sun Doesn't Rise Mushroomhead 03:13
Qwerty Mushroomhead 03:30
The Heresy Mushroomhead 03:59
Solitaire Unraveling Mushroomhead 04:27
Seen It All Mushroomhead 03:56
We Are the Truth Mushroomhead 04:05
Kill Tomorrow Mushroomhead 03:44
Out of My Mind Mushroomhead 03:35
Madness Within Mushroomhead 03:38
Carry On Mushroomhead 03:16

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A Reqiuem for Tomorrow
Madness Within


Seen It All
The Heresy

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Pushing the boundaries of metal by incorporating a range of influences from the worlds of rock, rap and industrial music into their signature sound, Mushroomhead emerged out of Cleveland, Ohio in 1993 as a new eight-man venture bringing together members of various respected bands in the scene including Hatrix and Unified Culture. Shrouded in mystery from the outset thanks to their masked personas and anonymous pseudonyms, the group self-released their earliest works, amassing a loyal following with their eponymous 1995 debut album and its 1996 and 1999 follow-ups, Superbuick and M3. Amidst frequent lineup changes, the band managed to ink a deal with indie label Eclipse at the turn of the millennium, with whom they enjoyed a major breakthrough. Their first and only release with the label, the greatest hits compilation XX, promptly shifted over 40,000 units, marking their chart debut in their home country, and was subsequently reissued via Universal. Returning in 2003 with their major-label debut proper, XIII, the group were able to score a #40 position on the Billboard 200, and continued to enjoy a run of commercially successful LPs in the ensuing decade including 2006’s Savior Sorrow, which included the minor hit single “Simple Survival”, and 2010’s Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. Continuing to grow their fanbase with the inclusion of new song “Your Soul Is Mine” in the soundtrack for horror film Saw VI, the band later reached new heights in 2014 with their seventh studio album, The Righteous & the Butterfly, which peaked at #20 in the US. A turbulent period ensued, with several key members departing and the band signing to Napalm Records. Donning new masks, they returned in June 2020 with the non-charting LP A Wonderful Life, also welcoming their first female member, Ms. Jackie, into the fold following six years of appearances as a session vocalist at their live shows.