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Bad Habit (Sped Up) - I Wish I Knew You Wanted Me Madax 03:04
Home (Sped Up) - Alabama Arkansas I Do Love My Ma and Pa Madax 03:48
Atlantis (Sped Up) - In My Heart and in My Head, Tell Me Why This Has to End, Oh No Madax 02:50
I Wish (Sped Up) - Hello? I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller I Wish I Wish I Was a Baller Madax 02:44
Sticking out Your Tongue for the Picture, You're so Pretty (Sped Up) - Ecstasy Madax 01:23
Them Changes (Sped Up) - Nobody Move There's Blood on the Floor Madax 02:08
End of Beginning (Sped Up) - And When I'm Back in Chicago I Feel It Madax 02:18
Confidence (Sped Up) - It's All About Confidence Baby Madax 01:45
Sex, Drugs, Etc. (Sped Up) - Romanticized Life, Floating on My Lowkey Vibe Madax 02:52
Here with Me (Sped Up) - I Don't Care How Long It Takes as Long as I'm with You Madax 03:23

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