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Prologue… A Faint Applause Thank You Scientist 02:02
A Salesman's Guide to Non-Existence Thank You Scientist 05:06
Mr. Invisible Thank You Scientist 07:35
Caverns Thank You Scientist 07:06
A Wolf in Cheap Clothing Thank You Scientist 06:43
Blood on the Radio Thank You Scientist 09:23
Feed the Horses Thank You Scientist 06:28
Terraformer Thank You Scientist 08:06
The Somnambulist Thank You Scientist 05:32
Son of a Serpent Thank You Scientist 08:06

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Son of a Serpent

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The genre-defying band Thank You Scientist were formed in the small town of Montclair in New Jersey in 2009 by three friends, trumpeter Andrew Digrius, guitarist Tom Monda and sax player Ellis Jasenovic. It would be unfair to try and pigeon-hole the band's music into one specific category due to their music being so richly influenced by such a diverse range of other styles. The founding members of the band list artists such as Frank Zappa, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Beatles and even Harry Nilsson as sources of inspiration and with such an eclectic range of musical influences combined into a single style the results are bound to be out of the ordinary.

The band's debut album was 'Maps of Non-Existent Places', released in 2012. It caused bewilderment among some music critics but regardless of whether the listener understood the music, nobody could deny that the level of musicianship employed by the band was outstanding and enough people bought the record to see it edge into the lower echelons of the Billboard chart. Their follow-up 'Stranger Heads Prevail' was released in 2016 and heralded some major personnel changes within the band. The album made a much bigger impression on the US charts peaking at number three in the Billboard Heat Chart.