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Vladimir Presnyakov was born in Sverdlovsk (now – Ekaterinburg), USSR, in 1968. His parents were the members of a then-popular soviet band Самоцветы (The Gems). Being a namesake of his father, Presnyakov used the prefix ‘Junior’ for decades of his career, until he surpassed his parents in terms of popularity. Vladimir Presnyakov started doing music at the age of 12, at 13 he performed his own songs at the Круиз band (Cruise). In 1986,he has gained his real popularity after performing a soundtrack for the movie Выше радуги (Above the Rainbow). The movie songs "Зурбаган" (Zurbagan) and "Острова" (Islands) immediately became top hits across the USSR. Some years later, he founded his own band called  Капитан (The Captain). In 1992 and 1993, Presnyakov was named Singer of the Year, and in 1995 his concert Замок из дождя (The Rain Castle) became the Show of the Year. His biggest hits are "Стюардесса по имени Жанна" (A Stewardess named Zhanna) (1992), "Странник" (The Stranger) (1996), and also the album Слушая тишину (Listening to the Silence) (2020), which includes some new compositions along with his all-time bangers. Starting from the '90s, Presnyakov is stably included in top-10 singers in Russia.