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Я поднимаю руки Григорий Лепс 03:49
Зеркала Григорий Лепс, Ани Лорак 03:45
Перевал любви Григорий Лепс, Александр Розенбаум 03:58
Натали Григорий Лепс 04:48
Зеркала Григорий Лепс, Ани Лорак 03:42
Рюмка водки на столе Григорий Лепс 04:18
Я тебя не люблю Григорий Лепс 03:14
Пока бьётся моё сердце Григорий Лепс 03:01
Я оставлю Григорий Лепс, Мот 03:56
Я тебе не верю Григорий Лепс, Ирина Аллегрова 04:04

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Grigory Leps’ artistic path began at the restaurants of the seaside
town of Sochi (Russia), where he was born on July 16, 1962. In the ‘90s he
moved to Moscow to persuade his musical career. In 1995, Натали’
(Natalie), the song from his first album Храни
вас Бог
became a long-awaited
breakthrough. Leps’ songs are an example of Russian chanson though
the singer gradually shifted away from the original genre into more
rock-sounded and energetic compositions. The unique, deep 'roaring' baritone is Leps’ calling card. 
Throughout his career, Leps
received some of the most prestigious Russian music awards and released songs that became iconic in its genre - "
 ("The Shot of Vodka") or "Самый
лучший день"
 ("The Best
Day Ever"
). He also produced some big hits featuring famous Russian
artists like Timati on "
Лондон" ("London"), Stas Pieha on "Она
не твоя"
 ("She’s Not
) and Irina Allegrova on "
Я тебе не
 ("I Don't Believe You").