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Good Morning, Папа! ВИА ГРА 03:33
Не оставляй меня любимый ВИА ГРА 03:31
Я не поняла! ВИА ГРА 03:43
Я не вернусь ВИА ГРА 03:44
У меня появился другой ВИА ГРА, Vahtang 03:34
Обмани, но останься ВИА ГРА 03:57
Перемирие ВИА ГРА 03:41
Стоп! Стоп! Стоп! ВИА ГРА 03:44
ЛМЛ (Лучик мой, любимый) ВИА ГРА 04:06
Попытка № 5 ВИА ГРА 03:23

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Цветок и нож
Не оставляй меня, любимый

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Nu Virgos was the name used to promote the Ukrainian girl group VIA Gra outside of Ukraine and other nearby countries. The group was co-created by Dmitriy Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze in 2000. Kostyuk is the manager of the group and the co-producer of the group's albums. Meladze is the writer of the group's songs and the co-producer of the group's albums. Although the the group is known for their frequent lineup changes with 13 different individuals having at one time been in the group, three members are most known: Hope Granovskaya, Anna Sedakova, and Vera Brezhnev. Nu Virgos hit the charts in Ukraine and Russia in September 2000 with their first single” Popytka No. 5" ("Attempt No. 5"). By the end of 2000, the group's repertoire was already 7 songs, with which 'Via GRA' began touring. The first concert took place on December 20th in Dnepropetrovsk on the stage of the Ice Palace in the presence of 4 thousand visitors. Their first success outside Russian speaking areas was in May 2004 with their English single "Stop! Stop! Stop!.” To date the group has given more than 70 concerts in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan.