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Alev Alev Burak Bulut, İrem Derici, Kurtuluş KUŞ 02:28
Ara Sıra İrem Derici 02:27
Yaz Gülü İrem Derici 03:07
Kalbimin Tek Sahibine İrem Derici 03:32
Çok Sevmek Yasaklanmalı Sinan Akçıl, İrem Derici, Mustafa Ceceli 04:18
Yazsın Bana İrem Derici 03:02
Bazı Aşklar Yarım Kalmalı İrem Derici 03:32
Affeder mi Aşk Bizi? Alper Atakan, İrem Derici 03:34
Senin Hastan İrem Derici 02:51
Kaçın Kurası İrem Derici 03:26

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Yaz Gülü

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Born on 21 March 1987 in Istanbul, İrem Derici is a Turkish pop singer and songwriter who began her professional career in the early '10s and has risen to national treasure status over the past decade. She grew up playing the piano from childhood and entered the national stage via Turkish reality singing competition O Ses Türkiye, where she made it to the semi-finals. After cutting her teeth as a singer with Turkish pop group Monopop, she launched her solo career in November 2012 with the single "Bensiz Yapamaz," which won her the Best Breakthrough Artist nomination at the Turkey Music Awards. A follow-up single, "Düşler Ülkesinin Gelgit Akıllısı," came in September 2013, with her first maxi single, "İki," also arriving that year. 2014 marked her breakthrough in Turkey with the huge hit single "Kalbimin Tek Sahibine" with another single, "Nabza Göre Şerbet," also making it onto the chart. The next few years saw her go from strength to strength, bagging her first number one single for "Aşk Eşittir Biz" in 2015 and stepping out with her debut album, Dantel, the following year. A second studio album landed in 2018, Sabıka Kaydı, with a collection of Turkish cover songs from the '90s, Mest Of, delighting her fans in 2019. She released a raft of new singles in 2022, including "Rastgele" featuring Mustafa Ceceli, Burak Bulut and Kurtuluş Kuş.