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Ab & An GReeeN 03:36
Bang Bang GReeeN 03:34
Barfuss GReeeN, Patwah, Hagi 02:30
Sucht und Ordnung SDP, GReeeN 03:37
Sie Geht GReeeN 03:49
Eiszeit GReeeN 03:41
Orchidee GReeeN 03:41
Abrakadabra GReeeN 04:06
Leben GReeeN, Sinth 03:47
Thc GReeeN 03:58

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Greeen (often stylized as GReeeN) is a German hip hop and reggae artist from Mannheim. He is also known for releasing music under the pseudonym Grinch Hill, his alter ego. Born Pasquale Valentin Denefleh on April 27, 1989, he began performing with the duo Die Zwei before participating in several freestyle tournaments around Germany. Following the release of the EPs Alles Grün (2013) and Hippie 2.0 (2014), Greeen made his official debut with the full-length Vergessenes Königreich (2015), recorded entirely in Switzerland. In 2016, he finished runner-up in the freestyle competition Julien’s Music Cypher and independently released the EP FREI. Subsequent EPs Rappae and Ach du Grüne Neune saw the light in 2018 and enjoyed great popularity in the German underground hip hop scene. After signing with the reggae and dancehall label Irievibrations Records, Greeen returned in 2019 with a second full-length titled Smaragd, which climbed to Number 6 on the German Albums Chart and was followed by a deluxe edition under the name Smaragd Plus later that year. Preceded by the single “Ab & An,” Highland hit the shelves in 2020 and continued in the same vein as its predecessors, combining the rapper’s love for reggae music with trap-adjacent sounds. In 2021, Greeen teamed up with dancehall artist Patwah and producer Hägi for the singles “Memories” and “Erwartet.”