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Spirit of Daedalus Freedom Call 03:49
High Above Freedom Call 04:01
Among the Shadows Freedom Call 03:44
Symphony of Avalon Freedom Call 04:05
Bleeding Heart Freedom Call 04:57
Emerald Skies Freedom Call 03:38
Hammer of the Gods Freedom Call 03:10
Metal Is for Everyone Freedom Call 04:52
The Quest Freedom Call 07:35
Freedom Call Freedom Call 05:19

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Silver Romance

- Freedom Call


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Gamma Ray drummer Dan Zimmermann takes advantage of a break from his original band to form Freedom Call with singer Chris Bay. After a debut album in 1999, Stairway to Fairyland, Freedom Call released the mini-album Taragon, featuring Saxon's Biff Byford, also in 1999. Crystal Empire, the band's real second album, was released in 2001. Eternity came out in 2002, before Freedom Call released their most accomplished album, The Circle of Life, in 2005. Fluctuating between classical metal and an obvious appetite for symphonic metal, Freedom Call returned in 2007 with Dimensions. Legend of the Shadowking is released in February 2010.