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TATTOO FiNCH, HBZ, 2 Engel & Charlie 03:04
Drunken Sailor HBZ 02:48
High sein HBZ, 2 Engel & Charlie 02:13
Brave Mädchen Schokkverliebt, HBZ 03:40
Gästeliste +1 HBZ 02:27
Bass Luzi, HBZ 02:59
All the Things She Said HBZ, Mike Gudmann, Michelle Collin 03:35
King Kong HBZ 02:36
Das hier ist HBz Pase, Dimotai, HBZ 03:25
LEBENSLANG Tream, Treamiboii, HBZ 02:50

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The German DJ duo HBz was formed by producers Niklas Brusewitz and Nils Schedler in 2010. The two musicians were both raised in Celle, Lower Saxony, and they began uploading their remixes onto video sharing platforms as teenagers. Filled with club-friendly dance tempos and buoyant pop melodies, HBz's music went viral, allowing Brusewitz and Schedler to build a global fanbase that reached far beyond their hometown. The bootleg videos for songs like "Cotton Eye Joe," "Die Perfekte Welle," and "Griechischer Wein" all received more than a million views apiece, and HBz quickly hit the road, playing at local parties one minute and national festivals the next. Already celebrated in Germany, HBz began releasing music internationally with 2018's "Light For Me," followed later that year by "Best Nights," "Back," "Downtown," "Endless," and "Central Bass Boost." The group's melodic brand of EDM was crystallized on singles like 2020's "Waiting," which featured vocals from Enzo, and the wildly successful "Deine Augen," which was recorded in collaboration with Thovi. After a decade's worth of non-album singles, HBz released their debut record with 2021's Family. Preceded by standalone tracks like "Friday Night Lights" and "King Kong," Family featured several additional appearances by Thovi, as well as duets with Tato, Lilly, and others.