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A native of Diamaguène-Diaksao, a suburb of the Senegalese capital Dakar, Samba Tine roams the streets of his hometown and develops an interest in artistic practices. After forming a dance group, Posey Gang, in 2013-2014, Samba picked up the nickname Peuzzi and gradually became part of the hip-hop scene. While his rap practice began confidentially in freestyles with his friends, he ended up as a finalist in the Flow Up 2016 competition. This media exposure revealed him and pushed him to exploit his talent, palpable on debut tracks like "Keuleum" (2017) and "Yolé yolé" (2018). With his song "Marie & Cheick", the Senegalese rapper raised his profile and fueled expectations of a debut album. Senegal Boy, released the following year, established Samba Peuzzi as the new representative of rambalax, a blend of rap and mbalax, a Senegalese rhythm based on percussion. This first album established the Senegalese as a major talent, winning him the prize for best artist of the year at the Galsen Hip Hop Awards 2021. After a reissue of his album in 2021, followed by a European tour which included an appearance in Paris at the Africolor 2022 festival, it was in 2023, at the age of 27, that Samba Peuzzi exploded onto the international scene with a featuring ("Mercedes"), unveiled at the beginning of the year with Nigerian afropop star Rema.