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Needled 24 / 7 Children of Bodom 04:08
Downfall Children of Bodom 04:40
Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom 03:54
Follow The Reaper Children of Bodom 03:47
Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood Children of Bodom 03:24
Everytime I Die Children of Bodom 04:03
Lake Bodom Children of Bodom 04:01
Sixpounder Children of Bodom 03:24
Bodom After Midnight Children of Bodom 03:44
The Nail Children of Bodom 06:16

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Living Dead Beat


Are You Dead Yet?
If You Want Peace... Prepare For War


Punch Me I Bleed

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Phrases like "Black
metal", "death metal", "thrash metal",
"progressive metal” have been used to describe the uncompromising
aggression of the popular Finnish rock group Children of Bodom - all of them
depicting a full-on, hardcore band screaming incendiary lyrics over demonic
guitars. Formed by childhood friends Alexi Laiho (singer) and Jaska Raatikainen
(drummer) in 1993, they were originally called IneartheD and released their first
album, Something Wild, in 1997 after changing their name to Children of
Bodom (Lake Bodom is near their home in Espoo). Touring Europe to promote it,
the band gradually built a dedicated following enhanced by their second album Hatebreeder
(1998), including the successful single “Downfall”. However, it was
their third album, Follow the Reaper (2000), which really established
them as an international force to be reckoned with. The release of Hate Crew
(2002) triggered their first world tour and consequent
breakthrough in the USA. Are You Dead Yet? (2004) saw them incorporating
a simpler, more industrial sound. Despite a shoulder injury incapacitating
Alexi Laiho, they came back strong in 2007 with Blooddrunk followed by
covers album Skeletons in the Closet (2009), which included distinctive
versions of tracks by Britney Spears, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.
supported their well-reviewed 2013 LP Halo of Blood by touring with Rob
Zombie. Longtime rhythm guitarist Roope Latvala exited before 2015’s I
Worship Chaos
, and 2019’s Hexed would be their last album before the
passing of Laiho on December 29, 2020.