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Andale (feat. badmómzjay, Bausa & KALIM) DJ Jeezy, Badmómzjay, Bausa, Kalim 02:25
OK (feat. Summer Cem, Nimo & JAY1) DJ Jeezy, Summer Cem, Nimo, Jay1 03:24
Ice Cream (feat. FOURTY & Gentleman) DJ Jeezy, Fourty, Gentleman 02:51
Birkin Bag (feat. Luciano, reezy & KALIM) Kalim, DJ Jeezy, Reezy, Luciano 02:37
SUVs Luciano, DJ Jeezy 03:04
Weekend (feat. Faroon, BILLA JOE & OGT) DJ Jeezy, Faroon, BILLA JOE, OGT 03:02

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- Luciano, DJ Jeezy


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Pouya Yari is a German DJ and producer who performs under the name DJ Jeezy. A Cologne native, he started DJing at the age of 18 and became a household name in the city’s club scene. After landing a residency gig at Cologne’s Nachtflug nightclub, DJ Jeezy began performing internationally, touring throughout Europe, the US, and even Dubai. He has also served as opening act for Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, and Sean Paul during their European tours. Apart from his career as DJ, he is also a renowned producer in the German hip-hop scene. “Birkin Bag,” his first single as a solo artist, arrived in 2021 and featured friend and collaborator Luciano, Reezy, and Kalim. The track reached Number 31 on the German charts and was followed by a second single titled “OK” with Summer Cem, Jay1, and Nimo, which peaked at Number 34.