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Я целую твой труп Ic3peak 03:53
Все равно Ic3peak 03:03
Мертвая Луна Ic3peak 03:16
Яд Ic3peak 02:58
Плак-Плак Ic3peak 03:23
Смерти Больше Нет Ic3peak 03:22
Tears, pain and blood Ic3peak 01:55
Dead But Pretty Ic3peak 02:45
Таблетки Ic3peak 02:48
Полчаса Ic3peak 02:26

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Tears, pain and blood

- Ic3peak


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The Moscow electro duo IC3PEAK, formed by Anastasia Kreslina and Nikolay Kostylev, is much loved beyond its motherland - in Europe, USA, and Asia. The two created a band in 2013 in a search of an original sound. At the beginning of their career, Kreslina and Kostylev, who then called themselves ‘audiovisual terrorists’, tried to play with original guitar riffs, ragged rhythms and сomputer-processed voice. The experiment ended up with the debut track ‘Quartz’ being uploaded on YouTube in 2014. Band’s first gigs took place first in Saint Petersburg and Moscow and later in the year - in clubs of Paris and Bordeaux. The self-titled debut album IC3PEAK came out in 2015. When creating the record ‘Fallal’ (2016), the duo stepped back from dance music into more alternative sound. Music became softer and lyrics felt deeper in the two new singles ‘BBU’ and ‘Kawaii/Warrior’ (2016). New year – new record, in 2017, IC3PEAK released their album Сладкая жизнь (‘Sweet Life’) and compilation So Safe (Remixes) featuring 'Boulevard Depo'. Since 2018, the band’s songs get addressed the more topical issues, the musicians themselves are politically active. They presented tracks «Таблетки» (‘Pills’) and «Смерти больше нет» (‘Death No More’) during anti-government rallies. It resulted in scandal and IC3PEAK being banned from some of the concert venues in Russia. A new record Сказка (Fairytale, 2018), darker and deeper this time, included tracks «Сказка», «Привет» (‘Hello’), «Красота и сила» (‘Beauty and Force’) and ‘The World Is Sick’. In 2020, the band’s 6th album До свидания (Goodbye) was released. It consisted of solo tracks as well as joint works (‘TRRST’ featurinb ZillaKami, «Весело и грустно» (‘Fun and Sad’) featuring Husky). IC3PEAK’s music style is a combination of electro, industrial, ambient, and grime.