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La flaca Jarabe de Palo 04:21
Completo incompleto Jarabe de Palo, Antonio Vega 03:19
Depende Jarabe de Palo 04:25
Agua Jarabe de Palo 04:14
Dos días en la vida Jarabe de Palo 06:21
Eso Que Tú Me Das Jarabe de Palo 03:34
Déjame vivir (feat. Lamari) Jarabe de Palo, Lamari 03:37
Dueño de mi silencio Jarabe de Palo 03:27
Yin yang Jarabe de Palo 03:13
Me gusta como eres Jarabe de Palo 03:46

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The Spanish rock band Jarabe de
Palo first took shape in the mid 90s in Barcelona when frontman Pau Donés joined forces with Alex
Tenas (Drums), Jordi Mena (guitar), Joan Gené (Bass) and Dani Forcada (percussion). After signing with
Warner, their debut album, 1996’s La Flaca went to number 1 and earned
the group Best New Artist at the Spanish Ondas Awards. 1998’s Depende continued
to evolve their distinctive mix of traditional Latin sounds such as flamenco
along with blues and world beats. Donés developed a progressive and upbeat lyrical bent on
albums such as 2003’s Bonita and 2005’s Un Metro Cuadrado 1m2. They
recorded with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Celia Cruz
and Ricky Martin. Seeking more control over their own direction, they left
Warner and founded the label Tronco in 2009. To break ties with the past, they
changed their name to Jarabedepalo. Their first album on the new label, Orquesta
, consisted primarily of rerecorded versions of songs originally
released on Warner. It captured a pair of Latin Grammy nominations. 2011’s ¿Y Ahora Qué Hacemos?, toned down the
Latin influence in their work in favor of a more traditional rock sound. They
would continue to release new work, and tour consistently, through the rest of
the decade. On June 9, 2020, Pau Donés passed away from cancer.