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After Dark Mr.Kitty 04:19
Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST) Mr.Kitty 04:13
0% Angel Mr.Kitty 03:54
Devour Mr.Kitty 04:13
Pathogen Mr.Kitty 03:19
Hollow Mr.Kitty 04:12
I Want To Hurt Myself Mr.Kitty 03:25
From Liquid Mr.Kitty 03:45
Neglect Mr.Kitty 03:36
Resurrection Mr.Kitty 05:47

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Forrest Avery Carney, better known as Mr.Kitty or Echo Strobe, is a dark synthwave/synthpop producer, singer and DJ from Arlington, Texas, born on March 24, 1992. His style is to accompany dark lyrics with synthesizer elements to evoke a nostalgic mood in the listener. In 2008, he began releasing R.M.X, the first in a series of mini-albums featuring remixes of various artists. In 2010, he released his first solo album Until Death Do Us Part. in 2012, a total of 3 albums follow: R.M.X V, R.M.X VI and his third studio album Eternity, which also includes the song "Destroy Me", one of his first hits. Life, his fourth studio album, was released in 2013. From then on, Mr. Kitty developed into an ever-growing artist and contributed remixes to various songs and studio albums. In 2016, for example, he appeared as the remixer of "North Star (Mr.Kitty Remix)" for the album Everything Is Burning by IAMX. Over the course of 2018, Mr.Kitty focused on various collaborations and released new material in 2019 with the album Ephemeral. Remixes and singles such as 2021's "The House Of Dead" with NADA5150 will also be released.