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Sitting Down Here Lene Marlin 03:54
A Place Nearby Lene Marlin 04:10
Where I'm Headed Lene Marlin 04:12
Unforgivable Sinner Lene Marlin 03:59
You Weren't There Lene Marlin 03:32
You Will Cry No More Lene Marlin 02:43
The Way We Are Lene Marlin 04:02
Learned from Mistakes Lene Marlin 05:43
Everything's Good Lene Marlin 03:39
Have I Ever Told You Lene Marlin 03:59

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Sitting Down Here
Playing My Game
Unforgivable Sinner
Flown Away

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Lene Marlin is neither Dido, nor Natalie Imbruglia, nor Avril Lavigne, nor this one, nor that one, and yet her pop rock is at the crossroads of different paths. Touched by the grace of the hit "Where I'm Headed", present on Playing My Game released in 1999, Lene Marlin is still a young artist and her musical universe is still being defined. Another Day in 2003 saw her return to more adult, but above all more banal pop. Lost in a Moment in 2005 hardens the sound a little, and Lene Marlin finally gets closer to her true role model, Alanis Morissette, and so much the better. In 2013, the compilation Here We Are - Historier Så Langt put an end to the first part of Lene Marlin's career.