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Crush Jennifer Paige 03:20
Sober (Radio Edit) Jennifer Paige 04:07
Crush (Dance Mix) Jennifer Paige 03:18
Stranded Jennifer Paige 03:36
Here With Me Jennifer Paige 03:39
Always You (The Ballad Mix) Jennifer Paige 04:14
You Get Through Jennifer Paige 03:57
Crush Jennifer Paige, Reunited 03:02

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Here With Me
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Georgia native Jennifer
Paige was born September 3, 1973 to parents who loved music and encouraged her interest in music
from an early age. She began piano lessons before she was ten, and gigged with
her brother, Chance, at small venues. Her first big professional break came
when she became the lead singer for Vivid Image, a band toured playing covers
of then-current top 40 hits. She went into the studio with veteran producer
Andy Goldmark, and came out with a self-titled debut album that spawned the hit
song “Crush”, which hit number 3 on the pop chart just two days after
Paige’s 25th birthday. The song was an international smash, hitting
number 1 in over a dozen countries. “Always You”, from the same album,
was a top ten dance hit in America. The albums Positively Somewhere and Best
Kept Secret
followed. The unexpected deaths of her parents in 2008 caused
her to stop singing, and she devoted herself to writing songs for other
artists. She began to focus on her performing career again, forming The Fury
with Coury Palermo. One of their duets appeared on Paige’s Christmas album, Holiday,
in 2012. Her own daughter became the inspiration for her 2016 album Starflower.