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mailbox Dardan, Hava 02:54
Noć Jala Brat, Hava 02:45
KEIN SCHLAF Nimo, Hava 03:20
HIGH Hava, Dardan 03:03
Farben Hava, Dardan 02:45
Moje Sve Hava 02:42
Fass mich nicht an Hava 03:33
Nimm mich mit Hava 02:36
Low Battery Hava 02:49
Korb Hava 02:51

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Hava is a German rapper and singer who, since 2019, has been taking the European hip-hop scene by storm. She was born Dilara Hava Tunç on August 12, 1998, in Hamm, Germany. Hava’s father is an immigrant from Turkey, while her mother was a German native of Bosnian descent. This mix of cultures had a strong influence on the artist, who grew up listening to an eclectic mix of music. Hava became interested in writing and performing her own music at a very early age. She had her first taste of notoriety with the propagation of online videos of her performing, which were shared over social media. In 2019, she released her very first single “Heartbreaker,” which gained acclaim from members of the German rap scene such as Nimo, Sun Diego, and Moe Phoenix. Through word of mouth and social media, “Heartbreaker” reached Number 130 on the German weekly streaming charts. It was followed by “Korb,” her second single, which was even more popular and hit Number 91 on the same chart. Hava’s first major hit came with “Kein Schlaf,” released in December 2019. The single by rapper Nimo, where Hava participated as a featured musician, garnered over a million streams on various streaming platforms and broke through to the mainstream German Single Charts. This increased her profile, and in 2020 she released her first full-length album titled Weiss. In 2021, Hava released the single “High,” a collaboration with rapper Dardan. The song quickly became one of her most popular tracks.