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Up & Down EXID 03:09
I Love You EXID 03:14
Lady EXID 03:10
DDD EXID 03:25
How You Doin' EXID 03:07
L.I.E EXID 03:31
Me & You EXID 03:23
Ah Yeah EXID 03:19
Break My Heart EXID 04:22

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Don't Want a Drive
I Know
Hello [Hani Solo]

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All-female Korean pop group EXID - an acronym for Exceed in Dreaming - formed in Seoul, South Korea in 2012. The original members were Hani, Junghwa, LE, Haeryung, Yuji and Dami, but the latter three were replaced by Hyelin and Solji in their first year together. EXID released their first and second singles 'Holla' and 'Who'z That Girl' in 2012 along with the EP 'Hippity-Hop' which reached number 13 in the Korean Albums Chart.

In 2015, their second EP 'Ah Yeah' was released and this reached number five. The single 'Up & Down', which initially did not chart, became popular after a fan posted a video online of the group singing it. Following this, it climbed to the top ten in the Korean Singles Chart and number one in the Goan Singles Chart. A second single from the EP, 'Ah Yeah', was also released in 2015 and reached number two in the Korean Singles Chart. In 2016, EXID released their first studio album 'Street' which reached number two in the Korean Albums Chart, with the singles 'Hot Pink' reaching number four in the Korean Singles Chart and 'L.I.E.' reaching number seven. 2017 saw the release of the EP 'Eclipse', which peaked at number five in the Korean Albums Chart and the single 'Night Rather Than Day' which reached number nine.

Further success came with their next EP 'Full Moon' (2018) which reached number seven. The single 'DDD' from this EP also reached number nine in the Korean Singles Chart. The EP 'We' was released in 2019, followed by the single 'Me & You' and the album 'Trouble'.