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Six Feet Closer to Hell Carnifex 04:02
Hell Chose Me Carnifex 03:32
Drown Me in Blood Carnifex 04:18
Necromanteum Carnifex 04:26
Death's Forgotten Children Carnifex, Tom Barber 04:10
Countess of the Crescent Moon Carnifex 03:28
Sorrowspell Carnifex 03:37
Hope Dies With The Decadent Carnifex 03:51
Pale Ghost Carnifex 03:53

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With a reputation for demonic, grinding thunder and dramatic, vitriolic breakdowns, San Diego noise merchants Carnifex stand as one of the leading lights of the heavy metal sub-genre deathcore, playing music of extreme menace. Named after the Latin word for executioner, they formed in 2005 and built their sound around the guttural growls and pig-squeal vocals of frontman Scott Lewis and the blasting beats of drummer Shawn Cameron, both of whom remain the only constant members throughout the years. The group’s sound has been bolstered by longtime members Fred Calderon (bass) and Cory Arford (rhythm guitarist), both of whom joined in 2007. Initially considered outsiders on the California metal scene, they ploughed their own path with relentless gigs and independent releases including Dead in My Arms, their 2007 debut album. Their sophomore release, The Diseased And The Poisoned (2008) earned them wider attention and they toured across 22 different countries before returning home to record follow-up Hell Chose Me (2010). Their sound gradually became ever darker and angrier on 2011’s Until I Feel Nothing and, after touring the album, Carnifex went on hiatus in 2013 when vocalist Lewis began suffering from anxiety and depression. Signing a deal with Nuclear Blast records, they returned as explosive and passionate as ever with Die Without Hope (2014) and toured with Devildriver, Cannibal Corpse and Chelsea Grin before celebrating their ten year anniversary and releasing their sixth album, Slow Death (2016). Three years later, they returned with World War X (2019), which was followed by 2021’s Graveside Confessions. Two years later, Carnifex returned with their ninth studio album, Necromanteum (2023), which found the group continuing to bring their blackened riffing, heavy breakdowns, and orchestral arrangements to their devoted fanbase and new fans alike.