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Stefania (Kalush Orchestra) KALUSH 02:59
Gori (Gory) KALUSH, Alyona alyona 03:04
Батьківщина Skofka, KALUSH 03:42
Останній раз KALUSH, Adam, Balsam 02:49
Dodomu KALUSH, Skofka 03:36
А ти знала KALUSH 02:35
In The Shadows Of Ukraine (feat. The Rasmus) KALUSH, Kalush Orchestra, The Rasmus 03:01
Nasze Domy (feat. Szpaku) KALUSH, Kalush Orchestra, Szpaku 02:44
Fajna KALUSH, Skofka 02:36

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А ти знала



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The young but ambitious rap trio Kalush loudly announced itself on the Ukrainian music scene with the very first track «Не маринуй» (‘Don’t Pickle Me Up’) uploaded on their YouTube channel in 2019. Naming his band after his native town of Kalush, the frontman Oleh Psiuk uses provincial slang and local topics of urban life to connect with the band's audience. After the premiere of the video for the track «Ти гониш» (‘You Kidding’) Kalush signed a contract with the American hip-hop label Def Jam. This was the first time Def Jam undertook the promotion of a little-known Ukrainian band. In 2019, Kalush together with Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona presented a joint track «Гори» (‘Mountains’). In 2021, Kalush released two albums: the debut «HOTIN» and the album «Йо-йо» (‘Yo-Yo’) recorded in a collaboration with rapper Skofka. In the same year, rappers launched the Kalush Orchestra in parallel with the main Kalush project. The band combined rap with ethnic and folk motifs, giving their music a completely new sound. The first release of Kalush Orchestra was the track «Стомбер вомбер» (‘Stomber Vomber’). In May 2022, Kalush Orchestra became a winner of the European Song Contest with their song ‘Stefania’, an unusual mix of modern rap and Ukrainian folk instruments.