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Dale Butrint Imeri, KidA, Ledri Vula 03:06
Shume Pis Era Istrefi, Ledri Vula 03:13
Dmp Capital T, Ledri Vula 03:00
Princess Diana Ledri Vula, Lyrical Son 02:43
A jena mire Ledri Vula 03:28
A mke dasht Melinda Ademi, Ledri Vula 03:26
Gelato (feat. Ledri Vula) Ardian Bujupi, Ledri Vula 02:24
TONAT Yll Limani, Ledri Vula 02:35
Monaco Ledri Vula 02:45
Hala Tayna, Ledri Vula 02:36

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Rapper, singer, songwriter, and activist Ledri Vula was born on July 10, 1986, in Pristina,  which was then part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but is now part of Kosovo. Born to an Albanian father and Montenegrin mother, Ledri Vula first came to prominence in 2005 as one half of hip-hop duo Skillz. However, he began working outside of the duo – including guesting on Dafina Zeqiri’s 2010 single "Pom Pëlqen" – and by 2012, Skillz had split, and he pursued a career as a solo artist. Ledri Vula released his debut solo single, “100 Problems,” in 2014. After several more singles and collaborations, he scored a Number 1 hit in Albania with the 2015 single “SRMN.” Over the next four years, he scored sixteen Top 20 hits including four more Number 1s: “Kings” (2016), “U harrum” (2016), “Merri Merri” with Buta (2018), and “Kiss Kiss” with Lumi B (2019). Ledri Vula released his debut solo album, 10/10, in 2020 and scored two more Number 1 singles: “Piano Rap” and “10/10.” He hit Number 1 again with the non-album single “Don Mo,” and reached Number 5 with his single “Lockdown.” In July 2022, Ledri Vula released the single “Tonat,” a collaboration with fellow Kosovo-Albanian artist Yll Limani.