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Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich Andrea Berg, Semino Rossi 03:10
Wir sind im Herzen jung Semino Rossi 03:05
Rot sind die Rosen Semino Rossi 03:44
Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich Semino Rossi 04:11
Komm' und küss mich Corazon Semino Rossi 03:09
Tango Amore Andrea Berg, Semino Rossi 03:09
So ist das Leben Semino Rossi 02:57
Wir leben Schlager Jürgen Drews, Ben Zucker, Kerstin Ott, Matthias Reim 03:01
Wenn die Wunderkerzen brennen Jürgen Drews, Semino Rossi 03:24
Buenos Dias - Ich bin wieder hier Semino Rossi 03:46

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Austria-based pop and schlager singer Semino Rossi was born Omar Ernesto Semino on May 29, 1962, in Rosario, Argentina. Of Italian descent, he was born into a musical family – his father was a tango singer and his mother a pianist. While growing up, his mother gave him piano lessons and he taught himself to play guitar. In 1985, he moved to Austria via Spain and began a musical career first as a street musician and later as a singer in various hotels in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. Semino Rossi came to prominence in 2004 with his appearances at the Winter Festival of Folk Music and in the Musikantenstadl. In February 2004, he released his debut album, Alles aus Liebe, which reached Number 10 in Austria, Number 30 in Germany, and Number 54 in Switzerland. More albums followed including Tausend Rosen für Dich (2005), Du mein Gefühl (2005), and Feliz Navidad (2005). In the summer of 2006, Rossi released the album Ich denk an dich, which went to the top of the charts in Germany and Austria and number 2 in Switzerland. That same year, he received the Echo Music Prize. He continued his success with two more Number 1 albums – Einmal Ja – Immer Ja (2007 and Die Liebe Bleibt (2009) – and the Number 2 album Augenblicke (2011). Semino Rossi’s 2013 album Symphonie des Lebens - produced by Modern Talking’s Dieter Bohlen - was another Number 1 hit in Austria and reached number 2 in Germany. The singer has received the Amadeus Austrian Music Award and the Crown of Folk Music several times. In 2019, the album So ist das Leben was released, which rose to the top of the charts in Switzerland and Austria. Semino Rossi’s 2022 album Heute hab ich Zeit für dich continued his string of hit albums, reaching the top of the charts in Austria.