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Lights Are On Tom Rosenthal 03:13
Hugging You Tom Rosenthal, Billie Marten 03:53
Woes Tom Rosenthal 03:25
Sex, Death and Landscapes Tom Rosenthal 02:59
Quietest Town in England Tom Rosenthal 03:43
World's Greatest Sleeper Tom Rosenthal 03:06
Worry Not There Are Galaxies You Haven't Heard Of Tom Rosenthal 03:21
Sleepy Lullaby Tom Rosenthal 02:16
All a Bit Too loud Tom Rosenthal 02:59
Alone in Oslo Tom Rosenthal 02:28

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I Had Not My Hat

- Tom Rosenthal


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Tom Rosenthal (born August 26, 1986 in London) is a composer and singer-songwriter from the UK. His debut album Keep A Private Room Behind The Shop was released in 2011 and was immediately declared the best British album of the year by the BBC. With B-Sides and Who's That In The Fog? Tom Rosenthal released two albums in 2013. In 2014, Tom Rosenthal also becomes known in Germany. His song "Go Solo" is a central element in the successful German film Honig im Kopf (2014). As a result, the song made chart entries in Germany (55th place) and Austria (65th place). Tom Rosenthal regularly releases further longplayers: Bolu (2015), The Pleasant Trees (Volumes 1, 2, & 3) (2016), Fenn (2017), Don't Die Curious (2018) and Z-Sides (2018). Tom Rosenthal has been touring regularly since 2019. His songs are often used as background music in TV series, for example with the songs "Forgets Slowly", "Lights Are On But Nobody's Home" and "Take Care" in the British series Skins or the US talk show Oprah. 2021 sees the release of another album by Tom Rosenthal, Denis Was A Bird.