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Stickin In My Eye NOFX 02:23
I'm a Rat NOFX 02:10
Anarchy Camp NOFX 02:53
Leave It Alone NOFX 02:04
I Love You More Than I Hate Me NOFX 02:36
Champs Elysees NOFX 02:01
The Separation of Church and Skate NOFX 03:09
Liza And Louise NOFX 02:22
Darby Crashing Your Party NOFX 02:24
The Last Drag NOFX 06:10

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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, NOFX is an influential punk rock band whose sound features elements of ska and hardcore. The band was formed in 1983 by guitarist Eric Melvin, singer and bass player Mike Burkett, and drummer Erik Sandin. The three musicians released a self-titled album in 1985 and went on to record many other albums, 14 of which landed on the Billboard 200, although none went higher than 2009's Coaster, which reached number 36. NOFX also experienced several line-up changes over the years, including the additional of guitarist and trumpet player Aaron 'El Here' Abeyta. 

Although best known as a longtime leader of American punk music, NOFX has also experienced commercial success on Billboard's Top Rock Albums Chart, where Wolves in Wolves' Clothing (2006) reached number eleven, Coaster (2009) reached number nine, Self/Entitled reached number 17, and First Ditch Effort (2012) hit number 16. The band also launched its punk music festival, Camp Punk in Drublic, in 2018, with the name taken from their 1994 album Punk in Drublic. Three years later, the band returned to the Billboard charts with Single Album, which reached number 152 on the Billboard 200 in 2021. Double Album followed in 2022, while the EP Half Album debuted at number 45 on the Japanese charts in 2024.