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Rinse repeat
Beth and Feifei explain how to use this expression to describe repetitive tiresome actions. Find a full transcript for this episode and more programmes to help you with your English at: BBC LEARNING ENGLISH HERE:Visit our website ✔️ us ✔️ PODCASTS? Try some of our other popular podcasts including:✔️6 Minute English✔️6 Minute Grammar✔️ News ReviewThey're all available by searching in your podcast app.
02:00 27.02.2024
A million to one
Here's an expression to say something is extremely unlikely
02:14 20.02.2024
Cash in on something
Learn a phrase about making money.
01:55 13.02.2024
Make your hair stand on end
Here’s a phrase about things that scare you. Learn how to use it in this programme.
02:54 6.02.2024
On the go
A phrase to describe how busy you are
02:19 30.01.2024
A blow
What a blow! It's so disappointing. Learn how to use this with us
02:27 22.01.2024
Rears its head
Want to talk about problems? Here's a useful phrase
01:55 16.01.2024
Elbow grease
Some things just need a little elbow grease. Learn what that is in this programme.
02:24 8.01.2024
Bring something to the party
You want to say that you can offer a lot. Learn a phrase for this.
02:14 2.01.2024
Light up like a Christmas tree
Has something suddenly made you look very happy? Learn an expression for this.
02:34 26.12.2023
I don't buy it
Here's an expression you can use to say 'I don't believe you'
01:59 19.12.2023
Touch grass
Do you spend too much time online? Here's an expression you can use to say 'take a break'.
02:30 12.12.2023
I'm out
Sometimes you need to say you don't have anything left. Learn 'I'm out'.
02:10 5.12.2023
Plan b
If you need an alternative option, you need to know this phrase. Learn how to use it.
02:15 28.11.2023
Sound out
Sometimes you just want to find out what someone else thinks.
02:29 21.11.2023
Fly by night
When companies or people can't be trusted, use this expression.
02:11 14.11.2023
Do you want to beat your friends by saying what you have done that is better than them?
02:03 14.11.2023
Tread on someone's toes
It can be annoying when someone does something you were supposed to do.
02:34 31.10.2023
Mental gymnastics
How do we talk about complicated tasks done by your brain?
02:30 24.10.2023
Call dibs
If you want to get the last slice of pizza, what can you say?
02:14 17.10.2023
Run for the hills
What makes you want to run for the hills?
02:03 10.10.2023
Each to their own
How do you feel when someone does something that you would never do, but it's OK?
01:40 26.09.2023
Fill your boots
If you are presented with an opportunity, how can you tell some to take advantage?
01:57 19.09.2023
Join the club
How to tell someone that the bad situation they are experiencing is the same as yours.
02:01 12.09.2023
Go with the flow
Learn a phrase to say that you are happy to do what other want to do
02:16 5.09.2023
Learn a phrase about wanting to have two good things at the same time.
02:07 29.08.2023
Drip feed
Learn a phrase about giving information little by little.
02:02 22.08.2023
Learn about this word that describes someone disorganised or forgetful.
01:56 15.08.2023
Be in with a shout
Learn a phrase for winning!
02:24 8.08.2023
On point
A phrase all about being perfect!
01:49 8.08.2023

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