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The Bull Dozzer

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Серцевий Напад The Bull Dozzer 03:45
Воткі Нєд The Bull Dozzer 03:34
Фараон The Bull Dozzer 03:44
Дикий Захід The Bull Dozzer 03:05
Загублене Щастя The Bull Dozzer 05:05
My Little Essence The Bull Dozzer 05:04

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Воткі Нєд

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The band was founded in the end of 2019 by the guitarist Vova Shevchyk. Several months of rehearsals were held with bassist Andriy Shevchyk, guitarist Slavik Kizyma and several other musicians. In the beginning of 2020 the vocalist Daniel Harmatiy and the drummer Andriy Kohut joined the band. That was the first stable cast which released two singles in Ukrainian - 'Wild West (Дикий Захід)', 'Lost Happiness (Загублене Щастя)' and one single in English - 'My Little Essence'. In the end of 2020 Andriy Kohut left the band and Viktor Voykin took the drummer position.