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Album Tracks

Memoirs (feat. Nicklas Blücher) Aristic, Nicklas Blücher 03:57
Dimensions (feat. Adam Rexius) Aristic, Adam Rexius 04:04
Diversity (feat. Nicklas Fagerberg) Aristic, Nicklas Fagerberg 05:22
Fears and Convictions (feat. Joar W. Anfinset) Aristic, Joar W. Anfinset 05:03
Overworld Aristic 02:03
Guidelines (feat. Joshua Amirose) Aristic, Joshua Amirose 05:19
Sirius (feat. Johan Segerström) Aristic, Johan Segerström 04:03
Iris (feat. Andrew Johansson) Aristic, Andrew Johansson 05:03


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