Album picture of Embrace the Grind

Embrace the Grind

Lizzie G


Album Tracks

Be Ready Lizzie G 03:26
We Got a Lot of That Lizzie G 03:41
All Tha Time Lizzie G 03:53
Only One (feat. Tello DaVinchi) Lizzie G, Tello DaVinchi 03:46
Self Esteem Lizzie G 02:12
Don't Play With Time Lizzie G 03:46
Knees Lizzie G 03:16
Make a Difference Lizzie G 02:02
Campaign Trail (feat. K. Ollie) Lizzie G, K. Ollie 03:16
No Critics Lizzie G 03:16
Goal Card (feat. Keith James) Lizzie G, Keith James 03:24
Foreign Love (feat. Dreama Melody) Lizzie G, Dreama Melody 03:10
One Life Lizzie G 02:44
Its Above Me Now Lizzie G 03:23
Pray for Our Enemies Lizzie G 03:13
Euphoria Lizzie G 03:13

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