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The Journey

Tumi, Chinese Man, Taiwan Mc, Khuli Chana, Youngsta CPT, Scratch Bandits Crew, Le Syndicat du Chrome, Hugo Kant


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Album Tracks

Jungle Boogie Tumi, Chinese Man 03:46
Better That Way Tumi, Chinese Man, Taiwan Mc 04:05
Ronin Tumi, Chinese Man 03:30
Pills for Your Ills Tumi, Chinese Man, Khuli Chana 03:44
Past Your Time Tumi, Leyan, Tomapam, Youngsta CPT 04:39
The Journey Tumi, Chinese Man 03:29
Jungle Boogie (Scratch Version) Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew 04:05
Better That Way (Jazz Reworked) Chinese Man, Le Syndicat du Chrome 02:55
Ronin (Dub) Chinese Man, Hugo Kant 03:32
Pills for Your Ills (Afghan Beat) Chinese Man 03:28
Past Your Time (Trap Reboot) Leyan, Tomapam 03:20
The Journey (Lost Mix) Chinese Man 03:15

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