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Failed Witness



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Album Tracks

Art Decade Pivio 04:31
I Am Pivio 07:15
Global Plundering Pivio 06:07
It's Fine Anyway Pivio 04:09
Don't Say My Name Pivio 06:41
DJ Pivio 04:20
Octopussy Freundschaft Pivio 06:30
Thou Shalt Have No Other Than Me Pivio 05:20
Pissing in the Park Pivio, Roberto Tiranti 04:21
Failed Witness Pivio 03:34
When You Appear Behind the Famous Actor Pivio 08:25
Fashion Pivio 05:11
Tomorrow I Died Pivio 06:00
Because I Need U Pivio 04:09
The Return Pivio, Roberto Tiranti 04:48
The Girl with Silver Wings Pivio 06:40
Remember to Forget Pivio 08:14
Pissing in the Park, Pt. 2 Pivio 05:27


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