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Monuments And Melodies



Listen to the album Monuments And Melodies by Incubus

Album Tracks

Black Heart Inertia Incubus 04:53
Drive Incubus 03:52


Incubus 04:54
Anna Molly Incubus 03:45
Love Hurts Incubus 03:57
Wish You Were Here Incubus 03:33
Warning Incubus 04:39
Stellar Incubus 03:20
Talk Shows on Mute Incubus 03:48
Pardon Me Incubus 03:44
Dig Incubus 04:17
Oil and Water Incubus 03:49
Are You In? Incubus 04:23
Nice to Know You Incubus 04:43
Midnight Swim Incubus 03:15
Neither of Us Can See Incubus 04:04
Look Alive Incubus 04:21
While All The Vultures Feed Incubus 03:53
Pantomime Incubus 04:38
Anything Incubus 03:32

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