Album picture of Green (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Green (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)



Listen to the album Green (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) by R.E.M.

Album Tracks

Pop Song 89 (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:03
Get Up (Remastered) R.E.M. 02:35
You Are The Everything (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:45
Stand (Remastered 2013) R.E.M. 03:10
World Leader Pretend (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:15
The Wrong Child (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:35
Orange Crush (Remastered 2013) R.E.M. 03:50
Turn You Inside-Out (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:15
Hairshirt (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:55
I Remember California (Remastered) R.E.M. 05:05
Untitled (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:09
Stand (Live) R.E.M. 03:01
The One I Love (Live) R.E.M. 03:18
So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (Live) R.E.M. 03:38
Turn You Inside-Out (Live) R.E.M. 04:09
Belong (Live) R.E.M. 04:09
Exhuming McCarthy (Live) R.E.M. 03:14
Good Advices (Live) R.E.M. 03:11
Orange Crush (Live) R.E.M. 03:41
Feeling Gravity's Pull (Live) R.E.M. 06:18

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