Album picture of Stand-Up Rivoli: Skillets Are Forever

Stand-Up Rivoli: Skillets Are Forever

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Break-Ups Alex Wood 03:04
Religious Holidays Alex Wood 02:07
Millennial Wedding Vows Alex Wood 03:07
Office Job Craig Fay 02:51
Trustworthy Technology Craig Fay 03:31
Long-Distance Calling Craig Fay 02:23
Nervous Traveler


Martha Chaves 02:26
Spiritual Person


Martha Chaves 03:43
Religious Diversity


Martha Chaves 02:09
Racist Beauty School Martha Chaves 03:16
Bad Break-Up


Steve Dylan 02:43
Hangover Day Steve Dylan 02:18
Eggs Steve Dylan 03:16
Jordanian Homeland Nour Hadidi 02:14
Social Media Dating Nour Hadidi 03:57
Job Interviews Nour Hadidi 03:20
DNA Test Leonard Chan 02:15
Too Old to Party Leonard Chan 03:54
Follow Your Dreams Leonard Chan 02:34
Aging Wisdom


Dawn Whitwell 02:19

For every mood