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Convergence (Deluxe Edition)



Listen to the album Convergence (Deluxe Edition) by Synapson

Album Tracks

Djon maya maï (feat. Victor Démé) Synapson, Victor Démé 03:14
Moonlight (feat. Charles Harvey) Synapson, Charles Harvey 03:45
Golden Days (feat. Martin Jalabert) Synapson, Martin Jalabert 03:33
All in You Synapson, Anna Kova 04:17
London Ride Synapson 03:40
Dope Synapson 04:04
Fireball (feat. Broken Back) Synapson, Broken Back 03:10
Rushin (feat. Jacinthe) Synapson, Jacinthe 03:45
Our Song Synapson 02:29
Keep Me Hanging (feat. Bernhoft) Synapson, Bernhoft 03:36
Control (feat. Sirius Trema) Synapson, Sirius Trema 03:58
They Just Don't Know (feat. Benjamin Diamond) Synapson, Benjamin Diamond 04:33
Around Midnight Synapson 04:26
Blade Down (feat. Tessa B)


Synapson, Tessa B. 03:21
Fireball (feat. Broken Back) (Synapson Re-vision) Synapson, Broken Back 03:43
Going Back to My Roots (feat. Tessa B) Synapson, Tessa B. 04:59
Keep Me Hanging (feat. Bernhoft) (Synapson Re-vision) Synapson, Bernhoft 02:50
Soro te karaba (feat. Victor Démé) Synapson, Victor Démé 05:52

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