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Album Tracks

F.U.N.K. Runaway Droid 02:49
Moonwalker (feat. C Z A R I N A) Runaway Droid, C Z A R I N A 04:11
Binary Stars Runaway Droid 03:06
Hellbound (feat. R0kyu) Runaway Droid, R0kyu 03:10
Factory Reset Runaway Droid 03:29
Trek Wars (feat. Mark Cooper) Runaway Droid, Mark Cooper 03:04
Way to the Stars Runaway Droid 04:08
South Beach Chase Sequence Runaway Droid 02:58
On the Line (feat. Mark Cooper) Runaway Droid, Mark Cooper 03:18
Robots Just Wanna Have Fun Runaway Droid 03:24
Memory Core Runaway Droid 03:53
Rocket Machine (feat. Levinsky) Runaway Droid, Levinsky 03:08
Infiltrate Runaway Droid 03:20
Thunder in Your Eyes (feat. Colin Cayvz) Runaway Droid, Colin Cayvz 03:36
Last Defence Runaway Droid 05:43
Reconfiguration (Cyberpunk Mix) Runaway Droid 03:46
It's My Life (feat. Millennium Falck) Runaway Droid, Millennium Falck 03:59
Rocket Machine [Bonus Track] (Instrumental) Runaway Droid 03:08
Thunder in Your Eyes [Bonus Track] (Instrumental) Runaway Droid 03:37


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