Album picture of Kitsuné Parisien II (Deluxe Edition)

Kitsuné Parisien II (Deluxe Edition)

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

So Long My Love Tomorrow's World 04:16
Ambitions Juveniles 03:55
Free (Parisien Mix) Owlle 03:18
La forêt Lescop 04:45
Tiger Evolution About The Girl 03:12
Angelina Nameless 03:16
Holy War Birkii 03:08
Kiho Beataucue 04:11
Tears We Are Knights 03:31
Modern Realm Wolfpack Beartrack 04:25
Airports Slowdance 03:31
Spectrum (Radio Edit) Exotica 03:53
Zephyr LA//KVLKD 03:00
The Race Pyramid 03:09
The Party (Lucas Sorel Remix) SingTank 03:33
Those Words (Bonus Track) KIT 03:00

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