Album picture of Uplifting Only Episode 375 (incl. Astuni Guestmix)

Uplifting Only Episode 375 (incl. Astuni Guestmix)

Ori Uplift Radio


Album Tracks

Uplifting Only [UpOnly 375] (Intro) Ori Uplift Radio 00:32
Laetus Mater [UpOnly 375] (Mix Cut) Specific Slice 02:51
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 375] (Welcome & Coming Up In Episode 375) Ori Uplift Radio 00:52
Monochrome [BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK] [UpOnly 375] (Mix Cut) Dalmoori 07:08
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 375] (Deb Felz: Email Your Thoughts) Ori Uplift Radio 00:24
Afraid Of Falling In Love [UpOnly 375] (Matt Farmer Remix) Eric de la Vega, Alaera 04:27
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 375] (Greetings from Atragun & World Premiere) Ori Uplift Radio 00:24
Amnesia [UpOnly 375] (Amine Maxwell & Atragun Remix - Mix Cut) Running Man 04:00
Sense Of Life [UpOnly 375] (Vocal Mix - Mix Cut) Tribal Temptation 04:46
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 375] (Next Up: Fan Favorite) Ori Uplift Radio 00:19


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